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    Bladelogic 8.0

      In bladelogic 8.0 I have created a VirtualGuestJob by using the following command:
      blcli -v defaultProfile -r BLAdmins Virtualization createVirtualGuestFromPackage "//"
      and it has given the following output:
      Job is created and will execute by users request with Job DB Key  DBKey:SJobModelKeyImpl:2470-1-2032057
      Now i want to execute this job thats why i have used the following command:
      blcli -v defaultProfile -r BLAdmins DeployJob executeJobAndWait  DBKey:SJobModelKeyImpl:2470-1-2032057
      and its output is:
      Command execution failed.  Job with matching id : 2470 has type : 50002 while expected type was : 30

      The output is a bit confusing one as I was expecting that it should have given the job run key but it didnt happened may be i am using a wrong command to execute the job.
      Please help me out what's wrong with the command or is there any other command that i should use to execute my job?

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          blcli -v defaultProfile -r BLAdmins DeployJob executeJobAndWaitForRunID DBKey:SJobModelKeyImpl:2470-1-2032057


          You are using the deloy job space, which I do no think is right in this instance.

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            There is no explicit CLI for executing a Virtual Guest Job.


            The way to do it actually is to pass the ExecuteNow tag in the xml while running the createVirtualGuestFromPackage cli itself.


            Add the following tag under the <VirtualGuestJob> tag:



            Run the createVirtualGuestFromPackage CLI again, and that should do the trick.


            This would actually run the job immediately after the job is created.




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              Hi Umar,

              Its nice to see you again.

              Thanks for replying.I will try things as you mentioned and will reply you thereafter.


              Thanks and regard,

              Lokesh Goyal