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    BMC Blade Server Automation 8.0 Patch Management



      I am using BMC Blade Logic Server Automation 8.0 for doing the Patch Management. I am new to this product and have a few queries related to same:


      1. Whether BMC Blade Logic SA supports remote Database.


      2. We have downloaded the RSCD 8.0 agents for Red Hat Linux and Windows. Whether the same agent will be used for our File Server or not?


      3. If you have any implementation document related to Patch Management. Please share the same and also share some of the Prerequisites for doing the Patch Management.


      4. Need to confirm which components need to be installed only for doing the Patch Management? Whether BMC Blade Logic Vendor Patch Content has any role to play here? I have planned to install Application Server on one Box, SQL Server on other box, File Server on one box and RSCD agents on all the managed servers. Will have to configure the catalogs and repository after that. Please correct if I am wrong.



      Atul Gupta