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    Unattended RSCD install on Linux

      We're primarily a Windows shop, but are moving towards Linux.  To get ahead of the curve, I'm looking into Bulk Agent Installation for Linux machines.  (For Windows, we already have a mechanism in place that uses the .ISS response file method.)


      I'm looking for some additional information around the "Creating a File of UNIX Installation Defaults" section of the Bulk Installer documentation.  I understand that this file is declaring variables and exporting them for use.  However, the documentation isn't entirely clear on how to use this file outside of the Bulk Agent Installer.


      I've seen some documentation hint at being able to:


      ./RSCD_Install_7.6.SH -silent


      Is there a way to get this -silent run to look at the UNIX "response file" that the Bulk Installer documentation teaches you how to create?  If I could simply push the .SH installation file plus a UNIX style response file the same way we do our Windows installation, that would be ideal.


      Another thought is to open the .SH and edit all of the default answers to be our customized input so that we COULD just use the -silent switch noted above (in theory).  Has anyone else attempted this?