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    Checksums different but Size (bytes) the same.

    Bill Bruncati

      Same types of servers running Solaris 10. If the full checksums are different ,shouldn't the sizes be too ?




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          Dipak Gaigole

          The checksum is computed on the basis of the content of the file, thus it can be different for the files having same size if the file content is different.


          For e.g:


          bash-2.05# echo "hello1" >/tmp/hello1
          bash-2.05# echo "hello2" >/tmp/hello2
          bash-2.05# cksum /tmp/hello*
          1144619315      7       /tmp/hello1
          1179677882      7       /tmp/hello2


          Size of both the files is same (i.e. 7), but there checksum is different.