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    Issue with Virtual center browsing

      Is any body met this error when trying live browse on VC (VC 4.0)? I'm in BL 8.0 SP2 and it was working well before upgrade.



      ..\RSCD\vmware\log\bl-vmware.log is even not updated...

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          Did you upgrade your agent by any chance? If yes, then de-register the CO on the agent and then distribute the CO again. That error generally comes when the agent's DAALRegistry xml is not containing those assets (which basically happens after an upgrade or a re-install)



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            Yes I upgraded, but then uninstall and re-install because of the error. By the way, I tried to de-register the CO and here is the error message I got (no more undo files on the target). It then become not easy to de-register if I need to find all the run involved and remove them...



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              Eureka, I found a solution. I decomissioned my VC host from BL, then I added it again and then I was able to register the CO and all is working well !!!


              By the way this is not a sustainable solution for production to have to decommission all VC to recreate them to be able to register again the CO. We need to take care of CO during upgrade process...



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                Great! After seeing the screenshot of the Deregister Job I understood your problem.


                For any CO, if you have run a deploy job for it, a corresponding rollback xml file would exist on the agent. So, if you want to deregister the CO on the agent, you would first need to clean up that rollback xml file. The only way to do that is to go to each deploy job that you have run for that CO for that agent, right click it and select the 'Remove Undo Files' option. This would delete these xml files from the agent. This is the error that you were getting. The job run ID's are present and you would have to go to those jobs only and remove undo files. Once this is done, the Deregister would work perfectly.


                The cleanup is required as if one does not do it, we would have xml files on the agent which contain assets in it which are no longer valid. If one tries and runs these rollbacks, one might encounter some weird problems. Hence we would have to go the route of cleaning up the files first.



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                  Not as easy, as I check that ther was no more rollback file on the agent (Transactions directory was umpty). So it seems that check is more done on the BL DB side, but even after I did the 'Remove Undo Files' it was not working. I then remove all the job that could use the CO, but the de-registration job still had the same issue.


                  The way it's working is really not good for production for an enterprise product :-(



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                    True. The check seems to be completely from the Appserver-DB side. I'll talk it over with a few other folks from the CO side and see if we can have a better solution for this.