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    How to capture NIC card speed

      Hi all,


      In my instance of Bladelogic for Unix flavors, we already capture the NIC card info for all nics in our servers using EOs, most likely the canned EOs.


      My question is we need to capture the actual speed of the cards in some manner that can be reported on, remembering that most servers have multiple nics. It wouldn't matter if i captured all the data for any nic card, so long as I could report it somehow.


      I am thinking of scripting it in another EO just capturing the mac address/IP and the speed or something similar.


      I know each OS has a command that can be run to capture some info on the command line.



      I know for HPUX that you can use lanadmin -x PPA to gather the info for each lan card individually and print_manifest gathers only the mac addresses.


      Any thougths are welcome.