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    Audit "Golden" component vs "Std" Targets

    Bill Bruncati

      The following is similar to a previous post of mine,
      but my needs have changed and I think the issue is simpler
      than my previous discussion on this.


      I have a "Master" host server which will house
      directories  ( by hostname ) of configuration files that are
      unique to a host( TARGET ).


      Master HOST
        /masters/HOST1/unique config files
                      HOST2   "     "      "
                      HOST3   "     "      "


      Then I have a number of target hosts  that will contain the same


            /dir/unique config files
            /dir/unique config files
            /dir/unique config files

      I want to audit my target host's configuration files  against their
      respective Master's configuration directory files.


      Audit  Job


      Master Host Component  =  /masters/HOST1/ [config files component]




        Target Component = HOST1/dir/ [config files component]


      Or ideally,  Master Host Component = ??TARGET?? / [component name]




                 Target Host Component = ??TARGET?? / [component name]

      Can someone give me tips on creating a component that would help
      me do this in one large Audit job ? I'd rather not define
      multiple audit jobs to point to respective Master components.


      I'm assuming I could do something like ??TARGET.HOST?? .