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    Component Part discovered but failing Audit

    Bill Bruncati

      I have 2  Instances of the same component. A "Gold" instance to serve as

      the Master and a "STD" instance which exists on the target.

      They have both been discovered and I can browse each in "Live" view .


      Audit of  Master versus the Target also works except for the first

      file,  which is my problem.


      The audit job says the file cannot be found but I can browse to it in "Live"

      view with no problem.  Please see screen shots.




      Audit Gold Comp versus STD version . Am able to show file in STD component

      1 -Au _ gold _ vers  and Std version of a Comp with adsbMain.jpg


      Audit shows differences but not for one file on target which does exist. See above screenshot.

      2 - Audit Au vs Std shows diff EXCEPT for adsbMain.jpg


      But Audit job log says file can't be found ?


      3 - Why say does NOT exist _.jpg