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    ESX3.5 provisioning with BladeLogic 8.0


      I'm struggling with ESX3.5 provisioning with Blade8.

      I'm running DHCP,TFTP,PXE,IIS and APPSERVER on the same Win2k3 machine.

      The pxeboot and TFTP run correctly but the boot stops asking for keyboard type and so on.



      If I ping the client from the appserver it answers, hence net is UP!

      The kickstart file is readable from http access (from any machines) but if I check the IIS log I've seen

      that the client never tried to connect.

      As double check, in order to be sure about my env, I configured the provisioning for RH5 as well

      and the installation completed automatically without any interruption.

      My question is: "are we sure ESX3.5 pxeboot try to download the xx-xx-xx-xx-xx-xx file through http??"

      I've also configured the ftpserver pointing at the same datastore location and I've also shared the folder

      where the xx-xx-xx-xx-xx-xx is placed, but noway!!


      Any help are really appreciated!