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    GroupOption and OwnerOption to Ignore in a BLPackage

    Antonio Caputo

      Hi all,


      after performed an audit job I have created a package delta containing a set of files.

      Opening this package I can see that the entry included in the package inherits the values Group and Owner (i.e. guid and uid) as they are defined in the master.


      Now, I am in the situation that the package must be deployed on a target where I am mapped with a user where guid and uid are different.


      So the deploy fails!!!


      Is know that I can skip this step putting there GroupOption and OwnerOption as Ignore but this means that I have to open the package and perform this twice for each item I have in the package.


      I didn't find a way to say to my package to put GroupOption and OwnerOption as Ignore.


      blcli apart is there any way to do this?


      Thank you.