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    Creating Workflow for Customized Support Group Selection

    Mike Morgan



      I have been researching if there is a way to have certain support groups in the ITSM apps available to some modules but not others. I have found that this is not OOB and therefore some workflow customization is required. I have modified the support form (CTM:Support Group) to have a selection field to identify the modules (apps) that the group is to appear in but I have not been successful in having my workflow trigger to have a custom menu replace the menus for the Assigned Group in the HPD:Help Desk form.


      I have an AL that triggers upon Window Open and Window Load to change the menu but even though I am using the qualification syntax for the vendor menu (as a test because the resulting selection is different) I still get the same menu selections as before.


      Any assistance in letting me know what I should trigger the AL on or the Execution Order for the AL, or any input in general, is greatly appreciated.




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          Mike Morgan

          As a follow up to this post, after continuing the research for the HPD:Help Desk form, I found that the menu that was being used was

          CTM:SGP:SupportGroup3-Q_VUI=SDView. The ALs that performed a Change Field on the Assigned Group field in the Help Desk form are HPD:INC:AssignGroup_RefreshMenu_899_OnOpen and HPD:INC:AssignGroup_RefreshMenu_100_OnGainFocus. I disabled these ALs after duplicating them with new ones to point to a new version of the CTM:SGP:SupportGroup3-Q_VUI=SDView menu.


          I changed the qualification in the new duplicate menu to address the specific groups that I want to show up only in the Help Desk form. The qualification that I used was (('Status' = "Enabled") AND ('Vendor Group' = "No")) AND ((('Support Group Role' = "Tier 1") OR ('Support Group Role' = "Tier 2")) OR ('Support Group Role' = "Tier 3"))


          This made a shorter, more precise list available in the Help Desk form for assignment of the tickets. The Support Group Role options can be modified by using the SYS:Menu Items form to be able to add roles if required.


          After all the research, I saw that there was no requirement to modify the Support Group form and that there was no OOB solution to do this.