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    Shavlik Error downloading



      Don't understand this as it's been working fine. When we try to run a patch analysis job now, the job fails with the messages:


      Info - Downloading Shavlik config file needed for analysis.

      Error - Unable to download shavlik config file needed for analysis. There was an error while downloading from http://xml.shavlik.com/data/htnetchk6b.cab Status code returned is 401.


      I checked from my laptop, that I can download the file... that worked so problem doesn't appear to be Shavlik's end. So then, on our AppServer I opened up Tools > Patch Analysis Configuration and double clicked on the entry for HFNetChk6b.cab. If I click the download button here, the file seems to download without a problem, so it would also appear that our AppServer's proxy config is fine and we can in fact get at the cab file, just not via a Patch Analysis job.


      Is there anywhere I can get more info on the error message shown in the Patch Analysis job log? There's nothing in the appserver log that I can see.