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    adding config/job server instances to an existing BL app server

      We're getting ready to scale up from a score of managed targets in our pilot to hundreds.  We're running a single BL 7.6 app server on VMware and can give it plenty of resources, so want to add a couple of job server instances and maybe a dedicated instance for NSH proxy.


      Right now, we have the default installation with one instance running as config, proxy, and job server.  What's the best way to scale this server up?  Should I just use the GUI and add two job servers, an NSH proxy server, and a configuration server, and then remove the original combo server instance?  Should I leave the original one intact?  What kind of gotchas am I going to run into (e.g., compliance content installers that asked if I was using a multi-application server environment - or is that specifically for multiple physcal servers?)?


      Also,  from my (windows) workstation, when I go into infrastructure management I can expand the first section, Application Servers, and see details of all the services listed under my application server.  But when I expand the second section, Application Server Launchers, and click on my application server, after maybe 30 seconds I get the message "Unable to get Application Server Launcher status."  Though it will eventually expand and give me details on all the items below the "server launcher" itself.  And when I right-click on the "server launcher" the only option that pops up is "refresh" (no option to add an application server).  Does this use function use some non-standard port?  It works fine if I login to the Linux app server, start the GUI and do it from there.