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    MeasurementStatus is Invalid

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      Hello everyone,


      I have a custom application with request based service targets. It seems that the service targets are attached, but then the SLM:Measurement record's status becomes Invalid. Can anyone help me please?


      Some details:


      Use Single Goal:

      - 32 h

      - Use start time as defined on application form CHECKED (with start time = Create Date)

      Start When: 'Status' >= "New"

      Stop When: 'Status' >= "Resolved"

      Exclude: 'Status' = "Pending"

      No milestones


      Any suggestion is welcome!


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          Hello Georgiana,


          From the SLM Architecture White Paper, the MeasurementStatus will change to Invalid if the service target has been deleted or a wrong value is populated in the form. The value is expected to match the configuration in the SLM:ConfigDataSource form. I would suspect you have a value that doesn't match being populated in the form somewhere.


          Hope that helps,


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            Dear Gary,


            Your suggestion was helpful. It seems that the problem has been caused by the fact that I used "Use Start Time as defined on the Application Form" and in the Data Source was the Create Date. At the creation of the ticket this field was empty until after creation so the measurement became invalid. After I unchecked this option it worked fine.


            Do you know where can I download the  SLM Architecture White Paper from?


            Thank you,


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              Glad I could help. The SLM Architecture White Paper can be found on the BMC Support site product documentation section. Select Service Level Management as the product and version 7.5.00 then look in the white paper section. The document was written a few years ago however the information is still valid.


              Good luck,