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    Help with Extended Object - running reg query on Windows

    Vinnie Lima



      I am trying to run a Registry Query on a windows 2003 target system  and perform two functions:

      • Dump the registry key value to a file
      • Output for E.O.'s benefit, the content of such file.


      The command I am trying to run (which works today as an E.O via central execution) is:


      nexec ??TARGET.HOST?? reg query HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\policies\system /v legalnoticetext


      Because of some issues in writing compliance rules for each Extended Object Entry (character limit, etc), my idea was to dump the content to a file and then I can write a compliance rule to check on content/checksum.  But can't find a way (or dont know how via NSH script) to do the two bullets up top while retaining the ability to do Live Browse of the content.


      Thanks for any suggestions.