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    getlic and putlic

    Abid Khemiss



      Because we are a restricted env, we struggled to license cleanly server without touching manually the users file.


      We find a way to do the getlic from the console using a BL nsh script job as follows:


      cd //@/tmp;
      getlic toto1 toto2 toto3


      The job works with complete with a error:

      "Error Mar 5, 2010 2:06:35 PM Unable to create license information file license.raw (Permission denied): Defaulting to stdout"

      As the output of license raw is available on the BL show log. We copy and past from there, go to the BL website.

      Then create the put the license.dat in a tmp directory. We execute the nsh script to do the putlic


      cd //@/tmp;


      Any ideas why getlic cannot write the license.raw file into the tmp directory?