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    bulkAddServers deletes files and directories from AppServer...

      We have encountered a problem on BL 7.6.0 which seems to affect at least release 115 and hotfix 212 versions running on Windows AppServers. We found that if we execute the Server bulkAddServers BLCLI command using the NSH performance commands but omitting one of the command's arguments, files and directories are deleted from the application server.


      I have encountered the same issue on 3 different BladeLogic AppServers, all running 7.6, all running on Windows 2003 with SQL Server backend DBs. The first time I encountered the issue I lost a bunch of data from my AppServer


      I ran the following commands within an NSH shell running on the AppServer before encountering the problem...


      blcred cred -acquire (to cache a credential)

      blcli_setoption authType BLSSO

      blcli_setoption roleName BLAdmins

      blcli_setoption serviceProfileName defaultProfile




      blcli_execute Server bulkAddServers <filePath> <csvFile> false (missing out the correct third parameter which should be the character set of the file e.g. UTF-8).


      - where file path was a directory on the AppServer's local drives.


      The result was that the directory containing the CSV was deleted along with it's contents and the contents of it's parent directory. I was able to reproduce the same behaviour on numerous occasions and on a number of different AppServers as I mentioned above.


      Has anyone else experienced anything like this?