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    What activities require SYSTEM to be mapped to a local user & and rscd.log access...



      I've noticed that some activities within BladeLogic fail unless the agent has an entry in users.local to map "SYSTEM" to a local user. This is a purely Windows environment, and for example, if I run an NSH script which calls the BLCLI command Utility updateServersStatus against an agent, the command fails with the message "Could not update all properties for <server> because the agent is not responding. Only the AGENT_STATUS property was updated."


      If I then add the line...


      SYSTEM     rw,map=Administrator


      ...to users.local on the agent, the BLCLI command then succeeds.


      One other thing, and I'm not sure if this is related, but it seems to be impossible to open C:\Program Files\BMC BladeLogic\RSC\rscd.log on any managed server from within the automation console, even as BLAdmin. If this normal?


      Thanks - Lee

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          Bill Robinson

          For the rscd.log, if you are accessing it via the CM gui or nsh you need to use the 'bllogman' tool to open it.  you can create a custom command in the gui for this.


          For the system mapping, you may have other permissions issues, typically you don't need this if your acls are setup to map the user running the acl check to a local administrator.  Depending on how the blcli call is being run you may be losing the credentials passed down through the job and that's why it's failing.


          There is a bladelogic 'SYSTEM:SYSTEM' role:user (nothing to do w/ the windows 'localsystem' account) that is sent when the appserver starts up and talks to the file server agent, but I don't think you are running into that problem here.