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    Multiple Application Server (MAS) Configurations

      We have two physical BladeLogic Application (BladeLogic Automation Suite for Servers 7.6) servers configured using software loadbalancing to distribute the work load. Our BladeLogic.keystore files were different on both hosts and thus caused the Infrastructure Management "Application Server Launchers" to error on our secondary server. In resolving the issue (replacing the keystore files on the secondary server with the keystore files on the primary server), I came across a difference in the folder structure between the primary and secondary app servers. In our primary app server, the path "/usr/nsh/br/deployments" includes five sub-folders (_launcher, _spawner, _template, _util, and default) and one file (jndi.properties). In our secondary app server, the path "/usr/nsh/br/deployments" only includes four sub-folders (_launcher, _spawner, _template, and default) and two files (jndi.properties and test). Our secondary app server is missing the "_util" sub-folder. When using two physical application servers, should both servers have the exact same data and folder content? If the answer is yes, am I safe in just copying the "_util" folder and all its data content from the primary app server to our secondary app server?

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          Bill Robinson

          I believe _util and _pxe are part of the 'pxe' server, so if that's not installed on the 2nd appserver you won't see them.

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            Hi Bill,


            Thank you for your reply. I am somewhat new in administering our BladeLogic app servers. Originally BMC consultants came to our location and performed the initial installation and configuration. The consultants were very pressed for time, given the number of day's of consulting support purchased, so there were some items that were not completed by the time they left. Therefore, we have been figuring out the remaining issues since the initial implementation. I understand your answer, but I am not sure what was installed. I know we purchased the BladeLogic Operations Manager which has since turned into BladeLogic Automation Suite for Servers. My understanding is that the "Provisioning" (PXE) component was a separate module outside of the BladeLogic Operations Manager. However, my understanding is that "Provisioning" is now included in the BladeLogic Automation Suite for Servers. It looks as if PXE was installed on our primary server and not the secondary server. However, we have not had to use PXE. Therefore, I am not sure if the installation of PXE on the secondary was completed or needed. Am I safe in starting the services on our secondary app server without the "./deployments/_util" sub-folder?

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              Bill Robinson

              I can't keep up w/ the name changes either.  The 'pxe' service is used if you are running bare-metal OS installations.  If you don't need to do provisioning rignt now just don't start the pxe service.


              The 2nd appserver should start fine w/o pxe ( the _pxe and _util dirs)

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                Thanks Bill.


                Services started without issue.