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    SRM 7.6 - Custom Stylesheets - Color Pallete



      I'm planning to change the color pallete on SRM 7.6 P1. I've changed the background image and other images from the SRS:ServiceRequestConsole and the final step would be updating the .css files. I've gone through the midtier guide and performed the following steps:

      In developer Studio:


      1 - Applications > Remedy Service Request and Catalog System
      The application has 9 support files, all images.


      2 - Created structure as described on page 78 MidTier guide.




      3 - Created a custom stylesheet to change the color of the table headers only (as a test)


      div.BaseTableColHeaders,div.BaseTableHeader {
          filter: progid:DXImageTransform.Microsoft.Gradient(GradientType=0,StartColorStr='#009900',EndColorStr='#ff0000');

      4 - Named the stylesheet to arsystem.css under windows explorer and added to the standard > stylesheets resource directory under the application in Dev Studio.


      5 - Cleared the browser cache and restarted midtier

      No color change.


      If I change the same parameters for the arsystem.css under \midtier install path\resources\ie\stylesheets i actually change the table headers to all the other apps/modules, which makes sense. I having a hard time changing it only for SRM 7.6.


      Has anyone done this before in SRM 7.6???