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    Bladelogic 8.0 and Sunsolve access

      I am trying to set up a Solaris 10 Patch Catalog in BL 8.0SP1  (, and I am hitting an odd problem getting the reference file patchdiag.xref.


      Sunsolve doesn't want me to authenticate for this particular url, but my Bladelogic patch catalog job insists that I do. I have snooped my interface during the attempt to pull the reference file, and Bladelogic successfully gets through my proxy, and gets a "HTTP/1.1 401 Unauthorized" message from Sunsolve.


      I recreated the request using curl, and I can get the same behavior if I tell curl to use my sunsolve id. However, if I simply remove the basic user auth info with curl, then the request works. I have also verfied that the sunsolve id is correct by logging in manually. This particular url just doesn't want to auth against my sunsolve id.


      So how do I deal with this in Bladelogic? I don't have the option to remove the sunsolve authentication.

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          Paul Seager-Smith

          I had some problems after the recent completion of the acquisition of Sun by Oracle. We had to connect back into Sunsolve and re-register the account before the download of patches would work again. I think there is a reference to this somewhere on the Sunsolve site.


          Out of interest is this the online or offline patch downloader? The offline patch downloader on 7.6 needed a patch to get it to work.





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            Thank you, yes it looks like you are right. All I had to do was go in to my Sunsolve account and check a box labeled "Register for patch download automation". Suddenly it works now.


            This is with the online method. We are experimenting with it for the first time.