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    RSCD agents

    Abid Khemiss




      Can a rscd agent be monitored by two different BladeLogic Platform?


      if yes, i would see that the main issue is the sync of the users.local and exports?





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          Bill Robinson

          technically, yes.  but like you said the problem will be the users file - that will get constantly over written by acl pushes from each site and potentially block access from the other site.

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            Umesh Rao

            The exports file can have multiple hosts or IPs of the bladelogic app servers that will be managing the server, but the users file will definitely be a problem.


            If the roles and users aren't in sync, you will definitely run into problem. The best way to do this is to have a select number of Roles and/or users be added to the users.local from both of the environments. This will give access to that server for the select few in the users.local file.

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