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    blpackage dependencies out of control

      I deleted a blpackage yesterday, and as usual ignored the list of dependencies.  It wasn't until I saw it telling me it was deleting a job folder I created manually that contained all my provisioning jobs that I saw something was out of whack and cancelled it.  Too late.  The job folder in question contained a deploy job for the package in question, but was created manually days before the blpackage being deleted was built.  Very annoying to lose all the history for all those jobs, but not something I can't recover from.  Now I see it also deleted a system package in Provisioning Manager - one that had a week's worth of work invested in it.  No one else has permissions to do this, and I know it wasn't deleted on its own.


      Anyone else seen dependencies gone crazy like this?  Is there something I can do to make sure it doesn't happen again (obviously, I will be very carefully reviewing the dependency list from now on)?  Is there any where I am likely to be able to find the contents of that system package to rebuild it?  Custom scripts I can rebuild from the provisioning job run logs, but there were lots of custom unattended.xml entries that don't seem to appear in the logs in any form.