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    BladeLogic Environment Architecture

    Steven Alexson

      We are currently running BladeLogic OM 7.5. We have the Configuration Manager installed on 3 physical servers, each running 3 application servers (1 config, 2 job). We do not have the Provisioning Manager installed.


      The is now a need within our organization to utilize the Provisioning Manager piece of the BladeLogic suite. I have a few questions about the archicture theory concerning the addition of this piece:


      1. What is a typical model for resource utilization by the provisioning functions of BladeLogic?


      2. The physical servers that run the application servers have 4 CPUs and 12GB RAM. We have 2GB allocated to each app server instance (total of 3 per server). Can these servers handle the additional demand of the Provisioning Manager and PXE server, or would it be best if we used a dedicated server for provisioning?


      3. Does the Provisioning Manager utilize the same database as the Configuration Manager, or does it require a seperate database?


      4. Can the Provisioning Manager use its own storage area, outside of the storage area used by the Configuration Manager?