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    BL staging directory definition

    Abid Khemiss



      When BladeLogic transfers packages to a pre-defined staging area (default : /var/tmp/stage - although the location can be changed ), the staging area is only required for the period of deployment. The staging directory is defined into the server property.


      However a scenario arises if there are multiple large packages being deployed at the same time (and some are big (e.g. Oracle Over 10GB)



      What should be the requirement in this case, it does not seem correct to allocated lot of space for the staging directory all the time?



      Will it be possible to override the server property on an individual package basis? So the packager will allocate himself where to transfer the package. I think this might be the best solution (because then large packages would not interfere with each other) if it is feasible, because otherwise /var/tmp/stage would be rather large for few occasions.


      I am looking for best pratice advice.