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    Speed Of Msi deployments

      We're in the process of deploying MSI packages to our server estate, however we're concerned at the length of time that the deployments are taking. It can take upto 10mins to deploy 2  x 4MB packages. This is followed by a 2-min wait for Deployment of a BLPackage to update a static web.config file. Does any one know of any ways that this can be improved ? Thanks.

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          Bill Robinson

          How long does it normally take to copy and intall these packages without bladelogic?  Where is the bottleneck - the network, the cpu on the target systems?  Does this happen on only 1 system, or do you see slowness on all of your systems?  Are the target servers across a wan from the bladelogic appserver?

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            Hi Thanks for your reponse. When you run it manually from either a command prompt or through the wizard it only takes around 30s. The command thats being run on the package is:


            msiexec /I "??SOURCE??" /qn ALLUSERS=1 REBOOT=ReallySuppress TargetAppPool="NexusAppPool"


            We see the issue on all environments at the moment.


            The Bladelogic Server and the servers which is being deployed to are seperated by a firewall. We have opened up port 4750 in both directions between the servers. I've run perfmon on the systems when a deployment is occurring. These are within normal limits.

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              Bill Robinson

              you only need 4750 open from the appserver to the targets, but that's not your issue.



              there is some overhead w/ the appserver to agent copy of the payload due to the encryption there, but it should not cause the delay you see.  could your network connection from the appserver to target be the issue?