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    Setting Mass Storage Drivers from BLCLI



      I'm trying to set the Mass Storage Drivers in a Windows system package using BLCLI. I'm running the commands:


      blcli_execute SystemPackage setMassStorageDriver "\"VMware SCSI Controller\""

      blcli_execute SystemPackage update


      When I look at the system package through the Server Automation Console, I can then see that the Mass Storage Driver field contains the value "VMware SCSI Controller" exactly as I expected.


      However, the unattend.txt entries are not updated as I would have hoped. If I manually, select the driver the unattend.txt gets updated with the following lines...


      "VMware SCSI Controller" = "OEM"


      Did I find a bug? Can I have a cookie?


      Thanks - Lee

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          Ah, don't worry... sorted it.


          You have to set the path to txtsetup.oem first with a bit of...


          blcli_execute SystemPackage setTxtsetupOEM "//datastore_server/path/to/where/the/drivers/live/\$OEM\$/TEXTMODE/txtsetup.oem"


          ...then run the setMassStorageDriver and then update and voila!




          Oh, btw, this was on version