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    Red Hat Linux VPC Patch Rollback option

    Vinnie Lima



      In 7.6 using VPC, does BL deploy an RPM via YUM automatically with the rollback option?  e.g. enables yum to roll the system back to previous RPM state if in the future the installed RPMs need to be removed.


      This is for Red Hat Linux 5.


      If not, has anyone enabled this configuration?  To do this, you need to configure your YUM.CONF with:




      But not sure how to make VPC use such option.




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          Bill Robinson

          Interesting. So I thought it was just using rpm under the covers but it looks like it's actually using yum to do the deploy (right I know yum uses rpm eventually).  You should look at /usr/nsh/patch/linuxpu/Work/linux-deploy.sh.  That should be run to do the deploy (it's copied to each target during the deploy and fed a bunch of options). 


          Btw, in newer Fedora versions I know the 'repackage' option in rpm has been deprecated for a while, so it's likely going to disappear from rhel soon.