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    Has anyone had success in using the 7.1 .net or Java API to read/write Unicode characters

    Brent Goodman
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      We have a web application that reads data out of the ARSystem/CMDB environment. We are able to also write the data back with out any issues. We are doing this with both the .Net and Java API under a 7.1 server.


      We are finding that our WebApp is pulling the Unicode data out of the database with the Java API correctly, but when we attempt to write it back, the unicode data is being dropped/translated to different characters. Under the .Net, we are unable to see any Unicode values.


      This is what is displayed when we view an unmodified value:




      This is what is displayed after we do a save:




      Does anyone know how to resolve this? In Java, we are using the following to write/read the data:


      userInfo.setEntry(Constant.NAME_ID_EXT_APPLICATIONDEFN, RequestId, entry, null, 0);


      userInfo.getEntry(Constant.NAME_ID_EXT_APPLICATIONDEFN, RequestId, null)