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    Assignment of Agreements to multiple Business Services.

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      First of all, apologies if this is posted in the wrong place - it was the best match I could find. So to the issue. We've recently purchased Remedy and are working on a migration from HPOV. We have a customer who has multiple business services (81), which in HPOV has 81 associated SLA's. In the hope of being clever, we decided to consolidate the SLA's to remove duplicates, and we now have a total of 9. These have been entered in to SLM and are all built etc. but the issue we now have is that you can only associate each agreement with a single Business Service. Clearly we don't want to sit and type in 81 agreements for each and every one of the business services, so can anyone suggest a way around this, as it seems to be a fundamental restriction in the configuration options. We've tried to think of ways to re-construct the data in Atrium to take account of this restriction, but so far are drawing a blank. (waiting for somebody to point out the obvious)

      Many thanks in advance.