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    CM GUI: Read Only

      I've created an RBAC Role that has read only access to servers.  Everything is working as it should from a functional point of view.


      However, the users are complaining that the text of a file they view (log file) is showing up as too light in the CM GUI Live View of the filesystem.  I suppose it's some type of visual affect applied to let the user know they're viewing read-only text...which is fine except the visual change makes the text too light to easily read.


      I've dug around in blasadmin and OOB documentation without finding anything that would fix this.  The closest I've come up with is to tell the user to alter the font in Tools -> Preferences -> Display Options.  This is a non-optimal fix.  Is there a setting that I've missed that could change the way font is displayed on text files when viewed from a read-only profile?


      As always, any assistance is greatly appreciated.