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    Solaris Live Upgrade with BL 8.0 SP1

      I have a client that is wondering if we can use BL to do a Live Upgrade on a Solaris server. I know that this capability exists in the Solaris patching world, and we tested this and it works, but does anyone have any information on how we can do a full verson live upgrade natively? Do we have to manually create a BLPackage to mount the iso and run the command manually to do the live upgrade?

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          Bill Robinson

          I'd say you're going to have to script it for the OS update, unless you can find some way to do it via the patching functionality.

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            So far it looks like it will need to be scripted. Wondering if anyone out there has done this and would be able to share this information.

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              According to "NewInThisRelease.pdf" (pg. 18):


              Patch management supports Solaris Live Upgrade and modification of patch
              metadata through creation of a metadata corrections file. The patch administrator
              also has the option of creating a single user mode and reboot override file as well.


              There are more details available in the User Guide, but no end-to-end documentation.


              Solaris Live Upgrade and Alternate Boot Environment settings can be found in Extended properties of your Solaris Server. For a Live Upgrade use case the Admin needs to set the server’s IS_SOLARIS_LIVE_UPGRADE* property to “True” and give the name of the alternate boot environment in the SOLARIS_ALTERNATE_BOOT_ENV* property as shown in the figures below.  In this case the analysis will run on the current boot environment of the Solaris server and the deploy will happen on its Alternate Boot Environment. After successful deploy the administrator is expected to manually switch the boot environments and verify the deploy on the ABE.




              Indicates a Solaris server should be remediated using Live Upgrade. By default this is set to False.




              Identifies the Alternate Boot Environment present on the server. This property should only be used when IS_SOLARIS_LIVE_UPGRADE is set to True.