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    KME 9.2 Quick Search - Search Mode Not Defaulting or Configuring Properly

      Greetings.  We are running KME 9.2 patch 2 as integrated to SDE.    The "Quick Search" function is not working properly in that

      1) It is not defaulted to an "AND" search, 2) Even when trying to force it to an "AND" search in the configuration file Query Element,

      per BMC Documentation, it is not picking up the mode attribute and setting the search mode to an "AND" function.


      This is causing great issues with our customers in that we have 11,000 knowledge articles, and when they perform a quick search with

      multiple terms, they are getting results of an OR search.  This is creating large frustration, increased calls to helpdesk, and decreased

      customer satisfaction.


      I have decompiled the SearchQuery class file and compared it to the logs and can see 2 potential areas where this issue is stemming



      Question I have to the community is, is this same issue occuring on the RKM(Remedy) integration of KM, and if not, could someone please

      send me a copy of the SearchQuery class file so I can compare it to the KME version, and push BMC into getting this issue resolved once

      and for all?


      I would greatly appreciate any feedback or copy of the class file for the Remedy integration to compare and see if we can help BMC get this




      Eric Groussman