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    Internal Error Loading Package [blpackage] - Invalid XML character

    Steven Alexson

      So, this is a new error to us:




      We get this when trying to open a specific BLPackage. I am told by the customer that this package was created by packaging deltas from an audit result.


      The bldeploy.xml file doesn't APPEAR to be corrupt, and I don't see any unusual characters in the file. If I attempt to copy the package, I get the same error (no big surprise there). The error happens during the copy and on subsequent attempts to open the copy.


      In the creation log, there are a lot of warnings (which I am assuming are, at least in part, causing this problem):




      I'm hoping someone else has seen this problem, and at least knows the cause if not a solution short of trying to recreate the package (which we will probably try to do anyway)

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          Bill Robinson

          I'd say the problems are:


          1 - it's opsware that you are packaging, we have the product hardcoded to prevent that  (just kidding )


          2 - i'd bet that it's due to the errors creating the package. can you track down why that didn't work (maybe look at the rscd.log on the system you generated the package on and see if you can find entries for those files)  can you try creating a package that doesn't


          3 - this is same bl version to same bl version right?

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            Steven Alexson

            1. So, I would definitely believe it! Nothing wrong with a little competitive sabotage!


            2. I'll have to find out what server and look at the agent log.


            3. I believe it is 7.5 app server -> 7.5 agent. But, since we have been fighting with a 7.6 upgrade for about 8 months, it may be 7.5 app server -> 7.6 agent. I know that makes you guys cringe, but it has worked so far. We are on the cusp of completing the upgrade with the assistance of your engineers, so that mismatch should be resolved by month's end!