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    Need to split a smart group into 2 smaller groups

      I have a smart group that contains a group of servers that I am interested in. Trouble I am having is that there are apparently too many servers in the group for the job that I want to run (I keep getting heap overflow "BUG" errors, but it runs fine against smaller groups). I'm thinking that splitting the group into two smaller groups and running the job against each would be an acceptable solution.


      Can anyone help me think of a way (or tell me a secret voodoo magical way) to create two smart groups, such that each server I am interested in appears in one and only one... and that the total of all servers in the two smaller groups is the total in the big smart group? The groups should be more or less equal in size (so the job runs as quickly as possible), and it wouldn't necessarily matter which servers were in which group -- only that every server is in one or the other but not both.


      If there were some sort of ID number, my thought would be to split it up according to which ID numbers were even or odd... however, that doesn't appear to be an option. Can anyone think of a more reasonable solution?