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    ESX System Package

    Bill Robinson

      Can someone give me the partitioning layout for a ESX 3.5 server?  I need what you put in the disk partitioning area of the esx system package.

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          Here is an example from my test lab...


          part /boot --size 200 --fstype ext3 --ondisk sda --asprimary

          part / --size 2000 --fstype ext3 --ondisk sda  --asprimary

          part swap --size 256 --fstype swap --ondisk sda --asprimary

          part /var/log --size 1000 --fstype ext3 --ondisk sda

          part /tmp --size 500 --fstype ext3 --ondisk sda

          part None --size 100 --fstype vmkcore --ondisk sda

          part None --size 2000 --fstype vmfs3 --ondisk sda

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            Bill Robinson

            Do you need that last vmfs partition?  That's only for storing VMs right?  so if I was going to hook up san and do the vmfs later I can leave that one off?


            And does the partitioning really matter for vmware - eg could I just have / and swap?

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              I can't remember if it will let you partition without an initial storage group. You could always create a tiny storage group to get through the install and then later manually create one once the SAN is hooked up. And yes, I believe you don't need to specify the other partitions explicitly unless you want to distribute them on different disks. As a best practice I always individually define them so that the mount points and partitions are unique thus avoiding catastrophe if /tmp or /var fills up due to some process. I guess in that case /usr should be popped out too.

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                Bill Robinson

                What's the vmkcore fs for?  I usually do the /tmp and /var as separate for any *nix for those same reasons.