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    Configuration Drift

    Gerardo Bartoccini

      Some of you will remember some scripts developed some time ago by Consultants which were used for Configuration Drift.


      The steps for using these scripts were:


      1. create some component templates, that contain parts to be target of Conf Drift
      2. run a script that was creating snapshot and audit jobs for each target server
      3. possibly run a custom command to reset the baseline for any servers


      Now, those scripts were used in 7.3.x or 7.4.x


      In 7.5+ snapshot jobs have the ability to realize if something has changed since the previous run, which is exactly what the Configuration Drift was aimed for.


      Unfortunately snapshots seem to be only able to notify users via email if there are differences.


      So, my question:

      in order to report about changes, audit jobs are still needed?


      Does this mean that we may still need the Conf Drift solution from the old times?