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    Where is checksum auditing done

    Bill Bruncati

      If  I Audit a server against a Master Snapshot of itself  (  that involves checksums ) ,

      how does Bladelogic handle this ? I was told that the Appserver does most of the processing.


      Does that mean that Appserver copies the target files to itself and then compares  the Master

      Snapshot and the target files locally?





        • 1. Where is checksum auditing done

          I too would like the answer to this question...

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            Edwin Lindeman

            Hope this helps: Audit Jobs


            Audit Job behavior is largely similar to that of Snapshot Jobs, in that it involves constructing and comparing two  snapshot files on the Application Server (with a .snp suffix this time), and recording only the differences.  For Audit Jobs, master .snp files are always constructed as part of the job.  For live audits, a snapshot of the  master target is performed and the results captured in .snp files.  For a snapshot-based audit, the master .snp  file is generated from data in the database.  The master .snp files are copied to the file server, if necessary, and  shared among any Application Servers that run work items for the Audit Job.  After the master .snp files have been constructed, each target of the audit job is processed by first constructing  a target .snp file and then comparing the master and target .snp files.  Differences between the two .snp files  are recorded in the database.  For each difference detected, the asset from the target .snp file is persisted in  the database, regardless of how many earlier audits may have detected the same difference.  After each audit  target is processed, the target .snp files for that target are discarded.  Upon completion of the Audit Job, master .snp files are marked for deletion on the file server.

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