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    repeaters and deploy jobs

      Here's a general question about repeaters and deploy jobs.


      I have the same software deploy job in two different batch jobs. Say two operators run the two batch jobs simultaneously with two different servers as targets, one per batch job. Both targets are covered by the same repeater rule in BladeLogic. If the deploy job is set to use repeaters, will two copies of the deploy job payload be copied to the repeater, one for each instance of the deploy job being run, or will only one copy of the payload be copied to the repeater, then both instances of the deploy job use that copy?


      What happens if the two batch jobs are run one after the other so that the second one starts after the first one has completed?


      Really what my question boils down to is this; are repeaters of value only when a job is run with multiple targets that all use the same repeater or will each run of a deploy job check a repeater to see if its payload is already there?