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    Setting RBAC Perms Recursively

      Imagine a root folder with a couple dozen sub folders, each have their own subfolders.  Each sub-sub folder has between 1 and a dozen objects such as jobs, servers, etc.  What is the best method for adding a new role to have access to every sub-object under a root folder without having to go through and hand edit each object?


      Is there a relatively common script that can do this?  Is there some kind of hidden "recurse" option that I'm not seeing?  Any help is greatly appreciated.

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          Bill Robinson

          There should be a command like 'applyAclTemplate' in each of the Group namespaces that should do it.  Or via the gui you can apply the acl template to the object.  assuming the template contains authorizations that apply to the child objects they should be applied, you should use the 'update permissions' option.

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