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    Provisioning - before I start

      I've got a functional BladeLogic 7.6 deployment and am getting ready to attack provisioning.  If anyone has any advice/warnings/etc before I start it would be much appreciated. First OS to provision is W2K8R2, then RHEL5.2, then W2K3R2.


      The environment:

      App Server:

      Red Hat EL 5.2 x64

      BladeLogic (does not have Provisioning / PXE / DHCP installed)


      Managed Servers:

      All have exports file allowing only the app server's IP (we're using NSH proxy)


      DHCP is provided by Windows/AD


      I have a second RHEL server I plan to install Provisioning and PXE on.


      Can I just run through the install, select Provisioning Server and PXE Server and continue, or does it require app server to be installed as well?  If the latter, can I delete the job server on the provisioning server so BL isn't trying to schedule jobs on a server that the agents won't talk to?


      Is there any significant difference / advantage in provisioning with BL 8 that should make me consider upgrading first (other than the unified GUI)?



      Matt Kreger

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          Bill Robinson

          You need to configure one of your appservers to be a 'provisoining server' - in blasadmin set the 'sslport' = 9831 and restart.  The PXE and TFTP services along w/ a windows share (samba) and http need to be setup on a box ideally on the same vlan as the provision targets (though it doesn't have to be...)


          you don't need an appserver installed on that pxe/tftp server.


          in 8.0 the provision gui is integrated into the CM gui and there is support for newer operating systems out of the box.

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            -- in 8.0 the provision gui is integrated into the CM gui and there is support for newer operating systems out of the box.


            But I can still provision Windows 2008 x64 with BladeLogic 7.6, right?  Is it safe to assume upgrading to 8.0 is more work than making 7.6 provision Win2K8? Especially if I'm going to end up having to insert specific drivers, answer files, etc. anyway?




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              Bill Robinson

              I'm doing 2008 x64 on 7.6 right now, so it works great   - yeah, that would be much easier than upgrading to 8.0

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                So we did this while you were here, but everything has been rebuilt since and I have to do it all again.  I had one BL7.6 server running App server only. I want to run provisioning server only on a second.


                When I install BladeLogic on the second server, I can't select Provisioning and NOT Application, so I choose to install All.


                Then I installed the hotfix. Restarted both app servers.


                Now, in Infrastructure Management under Application Servers, it shows both, with the new one "currently down or not responding"


                I kind of expect this because I haven't copied bladelogic.keystore, tpasswd.conf


                Do I need to set this new server up like a secondary app server this way?

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                  Actually, the server wasn't starting because it couldn't see the original server (file server).  Fixed exports file, now I see both in Infrastructure management.  And I went ahead and copied keystore, tpasswd, blappserv_*.conf, and configured it to do AD authentication, because I could.


                  So now how do I unwind the second server so that it's not running an application server / job server and provisioning still works?

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                    Bill Robinson

                    can you not have 9831 open on the 1st appserver?  you only need to install pxe and tftp on the 2nd box.  it does not have to be an appserver if you can open 9831 on the 1st server.

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                      I can do whatever I need to do.  So I guess I'll uninstall everything on the new server, reinstall choosing just PXE and TFTP, and then what do I do to tell the original app server to listen on 9831?

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                        Bill Robinson

                        on the original box you need to run "blasadmin -s <instance name> set app sslport 9831" where <instance name> is the name of the running instance - probably 'default'

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                          excellent. Thanks!  Now I hope I have a working "blank canvas" to figure out provisioning on.