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    Sync Target to  Snapshot

    Bill Bruncati

      If I had a system and I maintained a Snapshot of certain App files via a template  , would this Snapshot

      be able to restore those files and their  parent directories ?


      I asked this because I want to make sure that certain files/directories could be restored

      if a system was ever  wiped clean.




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          Yes, you can do this, if you choose "file contents". But, this should be used in a limited manner. BL shouldn't be used as a file backup system. There are numerous products out there that do this efficiently and effectively. If you were doing a snapshot of small files as part of a jar/ear/war deploy, so you could roll back if it wasn't successful, that would be one thing. If you are running daily snapshots to act as a backup system, then you should really be using a program designed to do file system backups, etc. I hope this helps.