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    Custom inventory ( of files / ci's)

    Steven Wyns



      Does anybody have documentation about custom inventory and reporting?

      We're using Bladelogic 7.6 and BSARA 1.3 so no need for the old reporting.


      For instance:

      We have a file / configuration object that describes all software that are installed on a server. This is a self created file with a configuration object on top to have a nice view of the contents.

      We want to be able to report on the contents of that file. Possible reports are:

      - on which / how many servers is package A installed?

      - what packages are installed on server A?

      - how many / which servers are missing package A, package B, package C?


      Does anybody have some info / docs on how to do this. Both the BladeLogic part and the BSARA part.


      I have found some info but most of it is for the old style reporting.


      Best regards

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          Bill Robinson

          Try something like this:


          Create a component template containing this config file.  Discovery the component on the appropriate servers.  take a snapshot of these components.


          In reports create a report w/ the server name, and the config file, and however many columns of the config file you need.


          the other reports can be some version of that - you can put filters or do sums to get the data of 'how many is x installed on..'

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            Steven Wyns

            Hi Bill,


            Thanx for the info. That seems to work but it seems when snapshotting component templates you can see the values, but they are each printed on another line.


            an example below



            BLP-PT3-DummyA0-1.0.0-2009/12/22 15:14:001.0.0
            BLP-PT3-DummyA0-1.0.0-2009/12/22 15:14:002009/12/22 15:14:00
            BLP-PT3-DummyA0-1.0.0-2009/12/22 15:14:00BLP-PT3-DummyA0
            BLP-PT3-DummyA0-1.0.0-2009/12/22 15:14:071.0.0
            BLP-PT3-DummyA0-1.0.0-2009/12/22 15:14:072009/12/22 15:14:07
            BLP-PT3-DummyA0-1.0.0-2009/12/22 15:14:07BLP-PT3-DummyA0
            BLP-PT3-DummyA0-1.0.2-2009/12/29 11:44:571.0.2
            BLP-PT3-DummyA0-1.0.2-2009/12/29 11:44:572009/12/29 11:44:57
            BLP-PT3-DummyA0-1.0.2-2009/12/29 11:44:57BLP-PT3-DummyA0



            Do you have any idea how to solve this? Or did I manage to do something wrong?


            Best regards

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              Steven Wyns



              I swithed to extended objects which makes reporting a lot easier.


              I've made simple extended objects that do nothing more than "cat /path/to/file" and put a grammar on that. Then i've made a snapshot job that snapshots this extended object against all servers.


              Within BSARA i've created a report combining server info and Extended object data filtering on my extended object.


              The result looks somewhat like this:


              Extended Object NameServer NameResponsible TeamOS  ReleaseOS  VersionOS  NamePathPackageVersionTimestamp
              Software Signatures  Inventorys4010310.servers.foo.barDEV_CTW_MIDTIER5.1010SolarisSoftware Signatures  Inventory/SWY1501TEST-1.0.0-2010/01/15 12:53:41SWY1501TEST1.0.02010/01/15  12:53:41
              Software Signatures  Inventory/SWY1501TEST-1.0.1-2010/01/15 12:53:56SWY1501TEST1.0.12010/01/15  12:53:56
              Software Signatures  Inventory/SWY1501TEST-1.0.2-2010/01/15 12:53:59SWY1501TEST1.0.22010/01/15  12:53:59
              Software Signatures  Inventory/SWY1501TEST-1.0.3-2010/01/15 12:54:02SWY1501TEST1.0.32010/01/15  12:54:02
              Software Signatures  Inventory/SWY1501TEST-1.0.4-2010/01/15 12:54:06SWY1501TEST1.0.42010/01/15  12:54:06
              Software Signatures  Inventory/SWY1501TEST2-1.0.0-2010/01/15 12:53:50SWY1501TEST21.0.02010/01/15  12:53:50
              sc000305.servers.foo.barDEV_CTW_MIDTIER5.22003WindowsSoftware Signatures  Inventory/BLP-PT3-DummyA0-1.0.0-2009/12/22 15:14:00BLP-PT3-DummyA01.0.02009/12/22  15:14:00
              Software Signatures  Inventory/BLP-PT3-DummyA0-1.0.0-2009/12/22 15:14:07BLP-PT3-DummyA01.0.02009/12/22  15:14:07
              Software Signatures  Inventory/BLP-PT3-DummyA0-1.0.2-2010/01/06 17:27:19BLP-PT3-DummyA01.0.22010/01/06  17:27:19
              Software Signatures  Inventory/BLP-PT3-DummyA1-10.0.0-2010/01/20 08:12:13BLP-PT3-DummyA110.0.02010/01/20  08:12:13
              Software Signatures  Inventory/BLP-PT3-DummyA1-11.0.0-2010/01/20 08:15:15BLP-PT3-DummyA111.0.02010/01/20  08:15:15
              Software Signatures  Inventory/BLP-PT3-DummyA2-1.0.0-2010/01/07 08:12:20BLP-PT3-DummyA21.0.02010/01/07  08:12:20
              Software Signatures  Inventory/BLP-PT3-DummyA3-1.0.0-2009/12/21 11:24:35BLP-PT3-DummyA31.0.02009/12/21  11:24:35
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                Bill Robinson

                good, because I couldn't get anything useful out of the 'config file' either... the EO was my next suggestion.


                if you want to, open a ticket about not being able to do this w/ the config file section...

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                  Steven Wyns



                  I'm not sure if this is a real bug / missing feature.

                  In general, config files are designed to contain "parameter=value" for which the reporting works. Even if you have multiple values you can report on them.


                  So I think it's just something you have to keep in mind:

                  single and multiple values = Config files

                  data in multiple columns  = Extended objects


                  best regards