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    Test Upgrades on spare disk

    Bill Bruncati

      I'm currently at BL 7.4.3 on a Sparc server running Solaris 10.
      The file server and appserver are the same.
      I would like to test out newer versions of BL ( 7.6 and then 8 ) .
      I do understand that as of 7.6 I can have multiple
      versions installed but I prefer not to do this.


      My current setup has BL installed under the /opt filesystem.
      and Oracle the  under /DB  filesystem.


      Since I have some spare disks , I was going to
      do the following:


      - go to single and cpio /opt and /DB to slices on a spare disk.

      - change /etc/vfstab to mount spare disk slices /opt and /DB

      - Boot system up and now I should come up with BL 7.4.3 on my spare
        /opt and /DB slices.

      - Upgrade BL to 7.6 on this "spare" 7.4.3 version of BL.

      - Do some testing and if things work, upgrade from 7.6 to 8.0 on
      this "spare" version of BL.

      - If there are any problems, bring system down and change vfstab back
      to use my original 7.4.3 /opt and /DB slices to bring up the original
      BL 7.4.3.


      Does anyone see a problem with the above scenario ?