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    Looking for configuration file advice

      Here's my situation.


      I have a text configuration file that I want to monitor for changes using BladeLogic. I'm looking to use snapshots and audits to flag whenever a change is made to this file. I don't have access to compliance rules. Long story, don't ask. I need to know if a change occurs to the file and what the change is. Using a File object in the snapshot, I can track things like file permissions, ownership, mod date, and whatnot. Identifying changes to file content is more problematic.


      In this file, I want to identify changes that might occur in comments and line order is important. If individual lines don't change but they get reordered, that's a problem and should be flagged. The Configuration File object doesn't provide me what I need because it strips out comments and doesn't preserve line order.


      I've created an Extended Object that allows me to snapshot file contents in such a way that line order and comments are preserved. But even this is unsatisfactory because it doesn't handle line insertions or deletions well. Every line after an insertion or deletion is marked as a separate change which can flood the audit report.


      Does anyone have any experience dealing with a situation like this? Is there any way to get something that provides the same information that a diff of the snapshot and audit result would?