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    Mapping a folder as file storage

    Naveen Anne

      I am trying to map a folder on another server as a local drive to use as the file storage. I know this is not the most recommended approach but have to do with it for now.

      My question -

      1. Is it possible to map it this way at all? Because I am not having much success with it. I mapped the fodler as a local drive and then in the App server config wizard, when I give the local server name as file server name and the storage location as /e/storage ,it says "The path you have entered does not exist". Would you like to create it?". When I select yes, it errors out saying "The creation of the file server storage location failed:JNI mkdirs failed: No such file or directory." And when I say no, then it keeps prompting me to enter a valid file server storage location.

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          This is not really recommended.  We just discovered a way to pull this off but have not fully tested yet.  The problem is two fold, 1) services run in sessions 2) nt authority/local service does not have rights to your network drive.  So in order to override this you will have to implement these solutions


          1) Create a Windows service that maps a UNC drive as local (Z: for example).  This has to be done either globally, using local system or as the same user as the next step.  Windows sessions will not allow you to see outside the session the user has created.

          2) Update the exports file to map to a domain account with rights on the mapped share.  Example below or some variance thereof.


          localhost                rw,user=<domainuser>,usermode=passwordlogon,userdomain=<DOMAIN>,userpassword=<domainpass>

          *                             ro


          3) Add dependencies for the app server for RSCD and the drive mounting

          4) Add the user to the local admin group.  Not sure if this is a must yet.  But once you start running this way as the <domainuser>, you may not have proper access to BladeLogic binaries without Admin rights.

          4) start up all services.



          Again, this has not fully been tested and there are some disagreements to doing things this way.  It does seem to work around the issue though.

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            Naveen Anne

            So, I finally succeeded in convincing the client to go for NAS  storage instead of a folder in another server.

            Now that I have NAS storage, how do I permanently mount the NAS storage drive to the application server such that it shows up as a local drive?

            Thanks for your help!!

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              Bill Robinson

              It's the same thing..