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    Any instructions available on modifying OOTB ITSM dashboards or creating new ones?

    David Bumanglag

      I've been trying to create what should be some basic type dashboards but the online help and the Best Practices document don't give enough information on actual building of Pods and Dashboards.  I've taken the online Dashboards Admin course which also does not provide any specifics or any labs on actual creation of either.  Basically I want to create something very similar to one of the OOTB dashboards.


      Create a dashboard to show the number of tickets by status and or priority and the number assigned to each Support Group or by Company.  When I look at the online help I should be able to create a bar graph for each each status or priority that shows the total number of tickets in each.  Then within the bar it should give me a breakdown of the number assigned to each Support Group or by Company.


      Has anyone created a dashboard similar to this?  Any tips or tricks on how to do this would be greatly appreciated.