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    Connecting blackbox to remedy

      We are in the process of deploying blackbox throughout our organization and currently use remedy as our issue resolution software. I'm looking for advice, examples or recommendations on how to best connect Appsight and remedy via a web service.

      A little more info, we currently have a homegrown app written in C.# to report on issues in remedy by the user community. My goal would be to use our custom app to also control the blackbox functions.









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          Hi Kevin,


          BMC has a web application called BMC Desktop Capture (BDC) that allows you to tie your Remedy instance with AppSight.

          If you are interested in adding Black Box recording(s) to a remedy ticket, you can use this application.

          In any workflow, this will allow you to attach AppSight log files that were recorded on a user's machine.

          You can find more information on BDC here: http://www.bmc.com/products/product-listing/125713036-167534-1915.html




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            Thank you for getting back to me so quickly and sorry for not being more specific in my question. We have deployed the BMC Web support server which seems very similar to the BMC capture product. It appears to direct the user to the BMC Web server to download a black box. This solution works well in a reactive state but does not fit our intent on how to use the product.

            We intend to have a black box running in a 24/7 on many of the computers in our institution. I would like our custom C# application to stop and save the ASL file on a network share (or in a remedy ticket if possible) and then restart the black box recorder. This would occur every time the user launches our custom C# application. At this point being able to connect and create a help desk ticket in remedy the and Web service would be the most efficient way for tracking but I am open to other options.


            Thank you for your help and I look forward to your response.

            Thanks Kevin




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              Hi Kevin,


              In that case you have 2 options:

              1. Use the Black Box command line to start a recording and creating a log file (/rpr and /asl switches). In that case you will need to have your C# application also stop the Black Box process in order for the ASL file to get "closed" and contain the recorded session(s).
              2. Use the COM Black Box - this way you can wrap around the Black Box's COM interface and start, stop. modify RPRs and save logs from your C# application. You should be able to get the COM Black Box from the BMC EPD along with its documentation and basic samples that can get you going.

              Both options assume the Black Boxes are not connected to an AppSight Server, but rather run in a stand alone mode.


              I hope this is what you were looking for,