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    Using repeater in a multi-appserver Bladelogic env

      I have searched the posts for a similar setup and haven't found



      We have a multi-appserver environment with 8 appservers sharing an NFS mounted Fileserver for our depot.


      The issue we are running into is that with a client doing VPC patching for AIX, he is trying to use a repeater to stage data in the client network.


      Currently, we are on 7.4.3 and the appserver gets randomly assigned the job. When the deploy gets to the point of copying down the package to the repeater it cant find the mountpoint. The caveat here is that I can't designate the name of the appserver in the nfs mount because the assigned appserver is random. We instead have tried to use the DNS name of our content switch, which I am not sure even would work in this case, but it does point back to our appservers with the NFS shared filesystem. A user logs in through the content switch and gets put on one of the 8 appservers, again randomly.


      I think one other problem may be that he is actually trying to patch the repeater server and use it as a repeater, which I'm not sure is the proper method.


      We are shortly upgrading to 7.6 where you can define servers for specific jobs, I was wondering if this is the missing link in our situation.


      This is the first instance where we have attempted to use repeaters, so any advice is greatly appreciated.

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          Bill Robinson

          What do you have set as the BFF_ROOT (in the Property Dictionary - Custom Classes / AIX_Patching) ? and is that location mounted on all of your appservers?


          Are you using the 'network deploy' functionality in here somewhere, otherwise I'm not clear what is trying to get back to the nfs mount point.


          w/ out of box aix vpc it should be pulling the patches straight from the BFF_ROOT on the appserver (whichever appserver is running the job), to the target via the agent.  the target should not be trying to nfs mount anything.


          also, you don't want to have the repeater be a repeater for itself, it may work but it's adding an extra copy to the steps in the best case...

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            BFF_root is not set to any value.


            My AIX guy is attempting to nfs mount the location of the bl package on the appserver. I believe his goal is to speed up the copying of the bl package to the target or to the repeater. Im not sure if this would buy him any time on the download.


            his patch bundle would be over 1gb so he is trying any approach.


            In this case the repeater is the only server he can patch at the moment.



            URL Type -T


            AGENT_MOUNT—A Deploy Job instructs the agent on

            a target server to mount the device specified in the URL

            and deploy patch payloads directly to the agent. To use

            this option, the Network URL parameter must identify a

            network location where patch payloads are stored.

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              Bill Robinson

              Where are the packages stores, and is that exported via NFS ?  and is that accessible from the target?

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                The patch location is a subfolder of an exported NFS mount. however, I dont know if it is a global mount.


                I'd have to check with the admin to see if its exported as global.