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    Package and Deploy W3SVC Metadata

      Hey all,


      I'm trying to sync up IIS Metadata using BL between 2 servers. After I package the metadata [This comes from the live view, under Metabase, LM/W3SVC folder] from the source server, to another server, I expected the target to have it's IIS synced (Virtual Dirs, etc), but I'm not seeing that. Is this the correct expectation? If not, how could I sync IIS between two servers?


      I'm using BL 7.6 with SQL 2005. Any help with this will be appreciated!



      Umesh Rao

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          Here is the resolution:


          1) Change Action to "Modify": This applies for all folders that come as default with IIS.

          2) Comment out Blank Keys: Right after the folders, there are a couple of empty keys. These are default for all IIS versions. Leaving this uncommented confuses BL while deploying the package. Make sure it is commented out.

          3) Comment out User and Pass: Comment out Anynomous User and Anynomous Pass keys. This get's populated automatically after IIS is installed and should be left alone on the target server.

          4) Copy webserver data: Copy the files from the associated metadata. Usually, all the data is stored in C:\inetpub\wwwroot, but make sure this is true before deploying it.


          After doing the above, I was able to replicate IIS using Metabase Deploy method.



          Umesh Rao